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Get your professional stringing done here

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First things first, the right setup

The secret behind every good tennis player is not only lots of practice, but also the gear that’s in the bag. From the perfect racket to the best looking shoes. Everything has to match and fit comfortably.

The best place to find it, is here at Paramount Tennis. We have all major brands for rackets and grips, as well as the right string that will suite your style.

Walk in looking for new gear, and walk out with everything you wanted and more. We’ll take you through the right setup


Trust the Process

Consistency is important

Like in any other sport being consistent is a key factor to reach levels of success. Therefore, we only string on premium machines and use nothing but the best to make sure your racket is perfect.

You are welcome to stay and watch how carefully and precise each of the rackets are prepared. We have a new lounge area that is located in the center of the store. You are welcome to watch some live tennis while searching for some new gear.

Looking for a new racket, just as for our DEMO program.

Looking for a new racket, just as for our DEMO program.

Try it before you buy it, why not have a few practice sessions before you take the new racket home.

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